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The Jumbo Remote - King of All Universal Remote Controls

The jumbo remote may seem like a novelty, but it does serve its purpose well.  If your aging parents can't see well or are becoming more forgetful, then they might need a jumbo remote.  These things are so big that it will never be lost in the cracks of the couch and the buttons are readable to people blind as a bat.  It has a fairly simple interface which can control 8 devices to clear up all the the clutter of multiple remotes.  They make great gag gifts and people love them. 

11" x 5" in size. Never lose your remote again!

This remote is also great for people with good eyes and memory.  If you fit any of these criteria, you should consider a jumbo remote.

  • If you are a basketball player.
  • If you need a weapon close at hand.
  • Single people that need a snuggle buddy
  • If you need a small tray while in your bed.
  • If you want your friends to come over and go "Dang! What's that thing?"
  • If you need to compensate for the smaller things you have.
  • If you have fat fingers.
  • If your an asian who twirls everything you hold.
  • If you wear gloves.
The benefits are endless!

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